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Compact and light weight wide zoom lens with the brightness of F2.8-3.5

The F2.8-3.5 brightness of this wide zoom lens is highly useful. This high-performance lens covers the zoom range of 22-44mm on a 35mm camera. The closest focusing distance is 28cm in the entire zoom area. It can create a desirable focus in your photographs by exaggerated perspective effect. Two aspherical lenses are used to provide the high image quality with high resolution and good contrast throughout the entire zoom range.

Basic Information

Product Name Zuiko Digital 11-22mm F2.8-3.5
Grade HG (High Grade)
Box Contents Lens Cap (LC-72B), Rear Lens Cap (LR-1), Lens Hood (LH-75), Lens Case (LSC-0918), Instruction Manual, Warranty Card


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