CBG-8 Casual Camera Bag

Please note that information and links on this page may be incorrect or outdated due to this model no longer being in production.

CBG-8 Camera Bag

CBG-8 Camera Bag

Tote style camera bag that can be used in three ways; as a tote, across the body by attaching an additional strap, or the bag can be folded and used as a bag-in-bag. The removable inner bag fits a camera body and two lenses and outside pocket can fit a tablet or A4-size note pad. This camera bag is also perfect for carrying a relatively-large compact camera and accessories. The lining is made of camera prints for a tickle of fancy.


Main materials Polyester
External dimensions
(Width × Height × Depth mm) (Approx.)
270 × 310 × 135mm
  • including handles
Internal storage measurements for reference
(approx. width × height × depth, in mm)
230 × 100 × 110mm
Depth 790 to 1450mm
Inner compartment specifications (1) Horizontal (along the width) × 1
(2) Vertical (along the depth) × 2
(3) Inside pockets × 2
Weight (Approx.) 300g

Inner compartment specifications

  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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