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The Olympus Image Track brings back your exciting experience

The Olympus Image Track 2.0 smartphone app imports data from the TG-Tracker. With it you can viewimages and field data on a single screen to relive the moment and enjoy a feeling of achievment.

You can switch between geographical positioning and altitude/depth
1.Image / 2.Log Switching between geographical and altitude (depth) log information is possible

Shoot remotely withOlympus Image Share

You can use the Olympus Image Share smartphone app to operate the camera remotely.

  • The maximum shooting time with remote operation is 16 seconds.
  • A through image (Live View) is not available on the smartphone during movie recording.

CSCH-125 Tracker Holder

This separately available holder can be attached to a backpack strap or a waist belt, allowing hands-free movie recording.

  • The Steady Grip can remain attached
  • Can be used even when wet with rain or seawater
  • Equipped with a carabiner and spiral cord to keep it from being dropped

Steady Grip for steady, comfortable shooting

*When attached to the camera

The included Steady Grip makes stable shooting possible even in intense situations. A tripod collar is included on the end of the grip, making it possible to attach it to a variety of places, expanding shooting style.

  • The included mount coupling must be used when attaching the sSteady Grip to the TG-Tracker.
  • Because the TG-Tracker's angle of view is a diagonal 204°, part of the tripod will appear in monitor when connected directly to the tripod collar. This can be prevented by using the tripod collar on the bottom of the Steady Grip.

Mount Coupling with selfie mirror

This accessory securely affixes the TG-Tracker to accessories, supporting active photography. It can be used with Olympus accessories as well as third-party accessories. A mirror is attached for more convenient selfie-shooting.

Underwater Protector

*When attached to the camera

This camera comes with an underwater protector for use in underwater photography.

  • When shooting underwater, make sure to set the camera body angle of view mode to Underwater.
  • The angle of view for underwater photography will be narrower than when shooting on land.

Loop shooting provides for convenient video data management

Movie operation can sometimes become unstable on a computer when handling large-sized movie files. To prevent this, the TG-Tracker limits shooting time to a maximum of 29 minutes for each movie. When the loop shooting function is selected, you can quickly continue recording even when the movie exceeds 29 minutes.

  • Recorded movies are split into multiple files.

Time Lapse captures landscapes in dramatic motion

Shoot still images at one of the following intervals and connect them to form a single movie: 0.5 sec, 1 sec, 2 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec. This feature captures landscapes in dramatic motion.

  • 4K movies cannot be transferred to a smartphone. Please view them on a large TV that supports 4K movie playback.
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