Shooting Styles and Operability

The TG-Tracker is designed to capture images exactly the way you want in any kind of environment.

Capture your subject from various angles

You never know when a photo opportunity will present itself. The TG-Tracker is bundled with an adjustable steady grip for stable framing so you can accurately shoot in any situation. It is effective at any angle, letting you capture the subject exactly the way you want, even in intense active situations.

  • Eye-level
  • Low-angle
  • Selfie
    A mirror useful for selfies is attached to the included mount coupling attached between the camera and steady grip.

Headlight lets you shoot in darker areas

The camera is equipped with a headlight that is perfect for shooting in dark situations such as during the night or underwater.

  • Maximum headlight illumination time: 29 minutes @ 20 lumens, 60 seconds @ 60 lumens.
  • Headlight: OFF
  • Headlight: ON
  • Headlight: OFF
  • Headlight: ON

The perfect camera for shooting underwater

When the underwater detector senses that thecamera has gone below 50 cm of water, it automatically switches the camera to underwater mode. This lets divers not have to worry about adjusting settings and allows them to just concentrate on photographing the underwater scenery. Olympus is renowned for being able to capture the beautiful blue colour of the underwater world as is, making Olympus cameras diver-favorites.

  • When shooting underwater, be sure to attach the included underwater protector. Also, make sure to set the camera body angle of view mode to Underwater.
  • The angle of view for underwater photography will be narrower than when shooting on land.
  • Underwater Detector displayed
    A water drop icon appears when the underwater detector senses the camera is under water
  • Switch to depth
    Altitude is switched to depth when the camera is underwater
  • Underwater white balance
    Blue colours are beautifully reproduced

GUI for intuitive control

The TG-Tracker display is nearly the size of the camera body for excellent visibility. The graphical user interface makes it easy to identify functions in menus displayed on the LCD. This gives the camera maximum operability, as it lets active photographers focus on their activity.

  • GUI: Graphical User Interface
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Screen captures are composite images.


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