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The SH-1 premium design camera equipped with the world's first optical 5-axis Image Stabiliser

The SH-1 is equipped with the world's first*1 5-axis image stabilisation system in a compact digital camera for still images and movies. The 5-axis stabilisation system corrects various types of camera shake that occur when shooting and offers powerful support for 24x optical zoom telephoto photography. With exterior styling that follows the heritage of the OLYMPUS PEN with a design overflowing with texture and precision in every detail, this is truly a premium camera design.

Basic Information

Product name STYLUS SH-1
Main supplied accessories Strap, CB-USB8 USB cable, F-2AC AC adapter, LI-92B lithium ion rechargeable battery, Olympus Viewer 3 CD-ROM and warranty card
  • 1: Adaptation of the optical 5-axis image stabiliser equipped in the SH-1 is the world's first 5-axis image stabiliser in a compact digital camera for still images and movies.
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