Easy to Use Design for Birdwatching and Observing Nature

The 8 x 42 PRO and 10 x 42 PRO are not only perfect for searching birds, but offer excellent performance for observing their movements, expressions, and the way they live. These are the ideal binoculars for nurturing your powers of observation, and predicting subject movement. When you are out to photograph birds, these binoculars can help capture the subject you're looking for.

8x/10x magnification for steady viewing

The 8 x 42 PRO offers 8x magnification and the 10 x 42 PRO offers 10x magnification. Both models feature an appropriate size for observation, and a magnification rate not prone to binocular shake. With these, you'll be able to view birds and the movement of other animals confidently and comfortably.

Effective diameter of 42mm, making them easy to use even in dim locations

A large 42 mm effective diameter objective lens is a stand-out feature that makes it possible to view subjects even in dim forests.

Bright, Clear Field of View

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Cutting-edge coating technologies such as the dielectric multilayer prism coating and ZERO (Zuiko Extra-low Reflection Optibal) Coating included in the full multi-coating on the lenses increase spectral transmittance for a bright, clear field of view.

Full multi-coating

Multi-coating is applied to all lens surfaces that contact the air and the prism light entry surface for significantly improved transmittance.

  • Mono-coating
    Reflection on the lens surface is strong, resulting in significant light loss
  • Multi-coating
    Reflection on the lens surface is weak, resulting in minimal light loss

Dielectric multilayer prism coating

(1) Dielectric high-reflective (with at least 99% reflectivity) multilayer prism coating is used on the upper surface of auxiliary prism (2) Auxiliary prism (3) Roof prism

Dielectric multilayer prism coating with a reflectivity of more than 99% is used on the upper surface of the auxiliary prism. This keeps prism light loss to an absolute minimum.

ZERO Coating

The binoculars also use ZERO Coating, which delivers highly effective anti-reflection performance. This coating significantly reduces flares and ghosts due to backlight.

Maximum spectral transmittance of more than 94%

Cutting-edge coating technologies deliver a maximum high transmittance of 94% or more, and flat properties at the wavelength area where human vision is most natural (450 to 650 nm).

High Resolution, High Contrast, and Sharp Imagery

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The ED lenses and phase-correction coating result in high resolution, high contrast, and sharp imagery.

ED lenses for reduced chromatic aberration

ED lenses are employed to suppress chromatic aberration, which is the cause of colour bleeding.

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    Standard lens

  • ED lens

Phase-correction coating for reduced roof prism phase deviation

(1) Auxiliary prism (2) Roof prism (3) Phase-correction coating

Phase-correction coating corrects the phase deviation in light beams, which is a characteristic property of roof prisms, improving both resolution and contrast.

Excellent Close-up Capability Offers a Wider Range of Subjects to Observe

Closest focus distance of 1.5 m

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A closest focusing distance of 1.5 meters makes it possible to focus on and observe close subjects such as insects near your feet, and flowers blossoming on trees.

  • Previous model
  • 8 x 42 PRO / 10 x 42 PRO

Reliability That Withstands Punishing Environments

Waterproof, anti-fogging construction

The waterproof construction keeps water out even when the binoculars are submerged at a depth of 1 meter for 5 minutes. The body is filled with nitrogen gas which results in an anti-fogging construction which prevents fogging when moving from one extreme temperature to another. This construction makes it possible to use the binoculars without worry, even in environments where sudden changes in weather occur.

  • The binoculars cannot be used underwater.

Oil-repellent coating

The objective lenses and eyepiece lenses are finished with oil-repellent coating. This feature makes it easy to wipe off water droplets or dirt on the lens surface.

  • Without oil-repellent coating
  • With oil-repellent coating

Sophisticated Design and Superb Controls

Refined, simple design

The characteristic sharpness and profile lines of the OM-D interchangeable lens camera are expressed in these binoculars. The slim, simple, exterior design does away with all unnecessary aspects. The design harmonises perfectly with the OM-D series.

  • Minimalist shape design based on ergonomics(a slim and simple design with all excesses removed)
  • Detailed design that also matches OM-D cameras

Ergonomic controls

The way the binoculars feel in your hands when you hold them and control them was given top priority when designing this model. A rubber exterior is used for a non-slip grip that fits nicely in the hands.

(1) Finger holds for use when adjusting interpupillary distance or viewing (2) A form that focuses on the grip and operational feel when viewed or held (3) Finger holds used when held (4) Thumb hold used when holding the product (5) Finger holds to prevent dropping when holding the product

Functionality designed for ease of use

The 8 x 42 PRO features an 18-mm-long eye relief and the 10 x 42 PRO has a 16-mm-long eye relief. Both have an adjustable eyecup for an overall comfortable field of view whether used with or without glasses.

  • When used with glasses
    (Eyecup folded)
  • When used without glasses
    (Eyecup unfolded)

-2-+2 dioptric compensation makes it easy to see images even if your eyesight differs between your left and right eye. Flip-down type lens caps ensure that you won't lose the caps.

  • -2-+2 dioptric compensation
    (1) Focus ring (2) Diopter adjustment ring -2-+2
  • Integrated objective lens cap

Expandability for increased range of use

The strap mount was widened to accommodate 12-mm-wide straps often used for interchangeable lens cameras. The optional CSS series shoulder straps can be used with these binoculars.

  • Widened strap mount
  • Straps for interchangeable lens camera can be attached


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