Complete optical performance that enables full featured use

Powerful magnification of 10x


For enjoyable bird watching and other outdoor hobbies, it is ideal to have binoculars with a magnification of 8x to 10x. The 10×42 EXWP I with its 10× magnification allows for detailed viewing of the expressions and detail of wild birds while still being convenient for comfortable use outdoors.

Bright field of view for brightly lit subjects

With an objective lens diameter of 42mm, this model keeps the subject bright even in dimly lit locations. In addition, the lenses use a UV coating to protect your eyes from sunlight.

Clear & sharp field of view

All lenses and prisms are multi-coated for a clear field of view and the use of a high refractive index prism provides a sharp field of view, making these binoculars ideal for viewing outdoor sports and concerts.

Waterproof sealing for use around water without worry

The waterproof construction uses a nitrogen-filled body. These binoculars are designed to keep out rain and water spray, enabling use when camping, hiking, or bird watching without worrying about wet conditions or inclement weather.

In addition, the nitrogen filled body prevents fogging due to temperature changes, making them a joy to use in any season, climate, or location.

Features for enjoyable outdoor use

Ideal design for outdoor use

These binoculars have a luxurious black body and features that provide comfortable use outdoors. The body material has a satin finish that reflects little light, which is ideal when viewing birds and other wildlife. In addition, the grip uses a special rubber that fits your hands and it is designed for easy holding in outdoor environments.

Comfortable use even when wearing eyeglasses

The 14mm long eye-relief makes using with eyeglasses over long periods of time comfortable particular when this is combined with the ±2m-1diopter correction mechanism, the field of view becomes wider and easier to see.



The distance between the position at which the eyes can see the entire field of view when looking through the binoculars and the eyepiece lens surface is called 'eye-relief'. The longer this distance, the easier it is to use the binoculars for long periods of time and the more convenient it is to use the binoculars even while wearing eyeglasses.

Using with eyeglasses

A. Eyecup area

When using the binoculars and wearing eyeglasses, retract the eyecups.


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