Built for high quality performance and convenient functionality, the VN-541PC is a highly regarded addition to the VN series.

Perfect grip for hand-held operation

Suited for hand-held operation, this recorder fits perfectly in your hand. With a firm grip for holding and larger buttons on the front, the VN-541PC has a reassuring ergonomic design with a focus on operability.

Basic Features

Fast/slow playback supported

Slow playback is very useful for lectures; in particular, those for language study. Since the speed change is processed digitally, the pitch is not altered and remains clear. Fast playback can be used for reviewing lessons. You can efficiently review a 1-hour lesson in 30 minutes when played back at the maximum double speed.

Index Mark function supported

The index mark function lets you cue the place you want to hear. Up to 99 index marks can be added. This allows you to add index marks to important segments in your recordings.

A-B Repeat function

One section of the recording file can be specified (point A and point B) and then played back repeatedly. This function can be used for things like language study, as it allows a phrase that is difficult to hear to be played back repeatedly.

Basic Performance

Reassuring long battery life

A battery life allowing for a maximum of approximately 60 hours of recording has been achieved.

  • When using LP mode and built-in microphone

4 GB internal memory for peace of mind

4 GB of internal memory supports larger audio files. Record for up to approximately 1570 hours (LP).

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