Clear playback and file management

Even voice recorded in a noisy location can be played back clearly when you use the noise cancellation function. An intuitive and simple folder structure makes it easier than ever to find your recordings, whilst a file lock function is included to protect files from deletion. This recorder enables smart management of your recording files.

Noise cancellation for clear playback quality

The noise cancellation function powerfully removes unwanted noise during playback such as that generated by an air conditioner, projector, or other devices, providing clearer file playback.

  • The noise cancellation function cannot be used with the slow/fast playback function.
  • Sound containing noise
  • Clearer sound

Recording Scene Folder function + PC connection

Recording files are automatically sorted into four folders according to the selected recording scene. Further, the included micro USB cable can be used to easily connect to your PC. These features streamline workflow and enables smart file management.

  • Recording Scene Folder function assists you with your file recording searches
  • Equipped with micro USB for connecting to your computer.

File Lock function

Important recordings can be locked and protected from being deleted. Even if you perform the operation to delete all the files in a folder, the locked files will not be deleted. With this new design, just press the index/repeat button at the beginning of the file to set the lock.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only. Screen captures are composite images.


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