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Ultimate iAUTO that automatically detects the movement of a subject

iAUTO is an intelligent shooting mode that automatically sets the camera to one of the 42 scenes (36 scenes for movie recording) to capture an optimal image. The iAUTO mode can even detect difficult shooting scenes such as “Portrait Backlit & Vivid” and “Spotlight” and adjust exposure accordingly. In addition to scene detection, it can also detect the movement of the subject before image capture, instantly adjusting the ISO and shutter speed, reducing motion blur in dark environments. Additionally with i-Enhance (finishing mode of iAUTO) detects the main subject in the image, allowing you to keep the soft texture of human skin while maintaining the colours of the blue sky or the vivid colours flowers and true to life colour to faithfully represent the captured scenes.

Photo Story allows you to layout photos to tell a story

You can combine multiple photos while accentuating compositions and colours just by touching the rear monitor to create pieces of art. The new theme “Layout” has been added to the E-PL7, which lets you enjoy photo album style expressions. A new function has been added that temporarily saves an image when the MENU button is pressed while shooting for an even greater range of photographic expression.

  • Press the MENU button while shooting to temporarily save an image

Live Guide lets you capture photos exactly as you imagine without needing to be a an expert photographer

Live Guide offers intuitive control of settings such as brightness, colour balance and background defocusing without having to know and understand complex setting adjustments. Additionally, multiple effects can now be applied to each image allowing you intuitively finish the images just the way you imagined.

  • *'Blur Background' and 'Express Motion' cannot be used simultaneously.

Panning Mode

This shooting mode automatically sets the optimal shutter speed for panning shots by detecting the angle of view and the speed of camera movement. It automatically sets your camera to Sequential L and Centre Group Target. Which allows you to enjoy taking panning shots simply by keeping the subject in the centre of the target marks while shooting.

Old Film movie effect

Old Film Effect has been added to movie effects in the E-PL7. Noise, scratches, and dust are randomly inserted, and the entire screen is slightly darkened to produce a retro feel to your movie.

Live Composite lets you capture movement of light as solid light trails

Live Composite seamlessly composites a series of images to capture starscapes without over exposing the image unlike normal bulb shooting. It is useful for capturing beautiful star trails, fireworks and fire flies in the sky whilst shooting a bright building in the fore ground. As with Live Bulb, you can check the progress on the LCD monitor and you can also use the flash to emphasise a moment during the exposure or a pen light to write words. A maximum exposure of up to 3 hours is possible.

  • Shooting time: 3 seconds
  • Shooting time: 1 minutes (20 shots)
  • Shooting time: 60 minutes (1200 shots)

Live Bulb lets you check the progress of Bulb shooting in Live View

This function updates the display during exposure at a set interval. There are two modes: Live Bulb, which opens the shutter while the shutter release button is pressed, and Live Time, which opens the shutter on the first push and closes it on the second push. During Live Bulb, the exposure time and histogram are displayed on the screen. When the Bulb or Time shooting is selected, the LCD monitor backlight is automatically dimmed to reduce power consumption and brightness.

  • (1) Number of possible display refreshes(2) Exposure time
  • The histogram can be shown or hid by turning ON/OFF the INFO button

New lithium-ion battery with increased capacity

A new rechargeable lithium ion battery is included with the E-PL7. While it is the same shape as the BLS-5, battery capacity is increased to 1210 mAh. When used with M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ, you can take approximately 350 shots.

The Olympus underwater shooting system allows you to enjoy underwater photography

The amazingly compact underwater protector for the E-PL7 together with the compact, high-performance underwater flash allows underwater photography that is only possible with Olympus.

  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.


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