Design & colour variation

The distinctive character lines across in the top portion of the camera that carry on the PEN identity, the historical OLYMPUS PEN logo, and the fine material used for the body wrap all contribute to the E-PL7's premium design.

  • White
  • Silver
  • Black

Combining operability and compact, lightweight form

The PEN Lite series is designed to be compact while providing excellent user experience through a large touch panel monitor, a secure grip, metal dials around the shutter button, and user friendly button layout.

  • Comfortable grip
  • User-friendly metal dials
  • Layout that prevents unintended operation

Useful genuine leather accessories

Genuine leather accessories are available in black, brown, and light brown allowing for coordination with the three different camera body colours. Whilst the body jacket is attached you can still take selfies with ease. Enjoy coordinating with the genuine leather lens jacket (for use with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm EZ), and the genuine leather strap.

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Light Brown
  • CS-45B Body Jacket for E-PL7
  • Genuine Leather Lens Jacket for 14-42 EZ LC-60.5GL
  • CSS-S109LL II Genuine Leather Shoulder Strap
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.


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