Technology for beautiful instant photography

This model is generously packed with photographic technology that lets you instantly take beautiful photos, such as the amazing high sensitivity 16.05 million dot Live MOS sensor, the new TruePic VII image processor for maximising lens potential, max. 8.0 fps high-speed sequential shooting, and in-body image stabilisation for stabilisation with any interchangeable lens.

High-sensitivity and beautiful quality 16.05 million dot Live MOS sensor

With the Live MOS Sensor, the E-PL7 retains details in shadow, and accurately captures night scenes and dark indoor environments. The wide dynamic range makes smooth tone representation possible and enables high contrast scenes to be captured as well. The ISO LOW (ISO100) lets you use the wide aperture of fast lenses during day time without an ND filter to take photos with beautiful defocusing in the background.

TruePic VII brings out the potential of any lens

The E-PL7 is equipped with the TruePic VII image processor which it has inherited from the flagship model E-M1. TruePic VII optimises sharpness according to the optical characteristics of the attached lens and aperture (F) value, performs high-precision demosaicing optimised for the low-pass filter less sensor, and features Fine Detail II for reducing false colours. The processor brings out the potential of lenses to achieve sharpness and high resolution; and also features Real Colour Technology, an Olympus proprietary image processing technology. Real Colour Technology is able to reproduce colours that are thought to be difficult reproduce, such as emerald green and yellow, more faithfully and true to life.

FAST AF provides ultra fast focusing so you never miss a shot

The AF target area covers most of the image area with many focus points, and lets you focus on any small subject in the area. It also features more AF functions such as Super Spot AF and Small AF Target, which lets you focus on a tiny part of an image, and Eye-Detection AF that automatically focuses on the eye of a person.

Touch AF Shutter

The Touch AF Shutter allows you to simply touch a spot on the monitor that you want to focus on for accurate and intuitive subject capture.  This is particularly valuable in areas such as the edges of a shot where it can be difficult to focus.

Up to 8.0 fps of high speed sequential shooting

The continuous shooting feature allows the image capture of moving subjects. The high ISO, high speed sensor and high performance shutter allows the E-PL7 achieve up to 8.0 fps sequential shooting(S-AF mode). Up to 3.7 fps is possible in Continuous AF (C-AF) mode which continually tracks focus on a moving subject allowing the capture images without missing a single moment.

In-body Image Stabilisation for impressive shooting in dimly lit environments

X: Pitch, Y: Yaw, Z: Roll

The E-PL7 is equipped with an in-body VCM 3-axis image stabilisation system. This feature is highly useful for holding the camera steady to take selfies and for shooting in dimly lit locations. The in-body stabiliser allows you to enjoy stable shots at any time regardless of the lens attached, with the stabilisation results viewable on the rear monitor. This allows you to focus and compose shots without any blurring.

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